DMV Funbotics Leadership

Pallavi Avasarala Founder
Pallavi is a senior at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina pursuing a major in Sociology with a Neuroscience minor. She is an active member of DUKE Emergency Medical Services and is also working as clinical research scholar, conducting studies on Post Operative Cognitive Disease. Pallavi loves to work with kids and wants to pass on her passion for STEM to younger kids
Jay Rachakonda DMV-President
Jay is a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. Jay has served Funbotics in different capacities and introduced the first 3-D printing camps to the Funbotics community in 2018. Jay enjoys the many aspects of running DMV Funbotics Chapter including fundraising, volunteer recruitment, student outreach. The enthusiasm and energy of the diverse student body continues to inspire Jay to expand the impact of Funbotics.
Dinan Elsyad Director Outreach
Dinan Elsyad is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. From a young age, she has found the world of STEM, from math problems to building bridges, to be fascinating. This early fascination has now manifested into a love for the sciences that she continues to pursue every day. While she loves to learn, she also loves to help others. Funbotics gives her a way to combine these two passions. She hopes to help less fortunate kids see the magic in STEM as she does.
Akshath Chikkam Event Manager
Akshath is a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University in the Tepper School of Business. In high school, he dedicated his time to his robotics team, competing in both FRC and FTC. He is a passionate teacher and tutor at the Russian School of Mathematics. You can also find him mentoring younger robotics fanatics through Funbotics and the Comets FLL team.
Sohan Sunku Event Manager
Sohan Sunku is a freshman studying Computer Science at the College of William and Mary. He has a passion for building and creating things, and from a very young age has been experimenting with robotics. In his free time, Sohan participates in drone racing, 3D printing and helping friends with their home renovation projects.

Member Volunteers

Yuvaan Volunteer
I go to Rachel Carson Middle School as a seventh grader and I have been doing 3D printing for about ten months. I enjoy 3D printing and the cool stuff you can make with it.
Ansh Volunteer
My name is Ansh and I currently attend Rachel Carson Middle School as an 8th grader. I am interested in computer science and 3D printing. My passion for 3D modeling came when I realized one could create anything one wanted to build. It opened my creative thinking and I am proud that I am a part of that community. Along with 3D printing, I play basketball and love to solve mysteries.
Aarav Volunteer
My name is Aarav and I am a sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School. I have a passion for STEM and 3D printing because of the many problems it can solve. Outside of STEM, I enjoy playing basketball and watching sports.
Adarsh Volunteer
I am Adarsh, a sophomore at Thoms Jefferson High school for Science and Technology, Virginia. My interests and association to robotics activities- design, modelling , 3D-printing and taking part in robotics leagues is only growing stronger with days ever since my first introduction to First Lego league as a 4th grader. As a STEM enthusiast, I offer my time to encouraging and mentoring younger students on EV3 programming , 3D modelling and printing. I am also very oriented to music - enjoy playing the viola and a trained and a performing classical vocal musician
Sanjana Adatrao Volunteer
I am Sanjana Adatrao, a sophomore at Palo Alto Senior High School here in California. I enjoy 3D printing because of the multitude of designs you can create, not only for fun but for beneficial use cases. I am also on my school’s robotics team, specifically the business team. Through business I have grown to love public speaking. My other hobbies include art and Kuchpudi, a cultural Indian style of dance.
Tanish Rayan Volunteer
My name is Tanish Rayan and I am a freshman at Oakton High School, Virginia. I have a passion for Robotics, CAD, and 3D printing because of the many problems it can solve. I love 3D printing because of its rapid prototyping capabilities, fast design and production, and its ease of access that helps me develop FTC robotics custom designed parts. Outside of STEM activities, I enjoy playing tennis and basketball.
Manya Volunteer
My name is Manya and I am a freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School in Virginia. I have a huge passion for STEM, specifically chemistry, robotics, and 3D printing. 3D printing opens a large number of creative outlets and is a great way to prototype unique ideas. I’m excited to learn more about my interests and pass my knowledge down to others! Outside of STEM, I enjoy basketball, Indian classical dance, and debate.